When designing your back cover, leave enough room for your ISBN (barcode) number. Select a template. Reuse previously used designs indefinitely. Book cover design is comprised of text and images. Go to the covers category on the editor or scroll down on this article to see all options. In this post, we’re sharing how to engage your readers right away... How to Create a Standout Book Cover (For Beginners), Every Step You Need to Make an Audiobook: Tools for Writers Series, The Writer's Guide to Self-Care and Preservation, 5 Unconventional Techniques to help you finish your Draft, The Key to Getting Readers to Care About Your Characters, How to Master Dialogue, even if you’re a First-Time Writer, What You Need to Know to Hold Your Reader’s Interest. Book Cover Generator for a Medieval-Times Story. “I’ve been in marketing for 25 years + and I can tell you, this is cutting edge!! Book cover must speak everything about your book and it must be so well designed that it conveys the theme of your story. While you won’t need to worry about a back cover for most ebooks, back covers are essential if you want to sell hardcover or paperback copies. Imagine writing a horror book and getting an endorsement from Stephen King? You may not be able to produce a professional look - You’re a writer, not a graphic designer… or are you? Once your cover design is just right, hit the download button and use your new image to promote and advertise your newest book. Create short, snackable paragraphs. Book design is the art of incorporating the content, style, format, design, and sequence of the various components and elements of a book into a coherent unit. You won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a cover. It's often been said, "don't judge a book by its cover." Your cover must also include bleed. In the bio, you’re tasked to a one-paragraph summary of your entire life. Design a cover that tells a story Think about what story you want your book cover to tell. Your bio photo needs to be a close up image of you-- and only you-- not you and 14 of your closest friends while on vacation in Cancun. The book description will often include the back book blurb text plus endorsements and reviews (much like the entire back cover of a book). h. hubspot_pro. Our website uses images, trademarks and names of third party products which are the property of their respective owners. Browse through hundreds of layouts and pick from the most popular book genres such as romance, thrillers, biography, travel and nonfiction. Focus on your genre (romance, sci-fi, historical non-fiction, etc.) Use the Book Cover. Add your picture to the back cover. Get it all done yourself with Placeit’s easy to use, Save your time for other tasks like promoting your book by creating your book cover in minutes. Using Canva’s Designer. Find eBook cover templates for every theme and genre you can imagine, from romance and scifi to inspirational and creative. Choose the design that best suits your book or personal style. d. dankovychart. Affinity Publisher (Paid) InDesign has had the lion’s share in the publishing software market for … Ah, the bio. Before you go, check out these additional posts: Enter your email for your FREE 7-Day Bootcamp and learn: We've sent you an e-mail, thanks for subscribing! In order to get the layout right, you need to think about the single message you want your cover design to communicate. Capture your readers' attention with a stunning book cover design. The last thing you want to do on your back cover is to give away too much of your story to the reader. While you’re not aiming for the dominant, eye-catching quality of the front cover, you also don’t want a clunky layout that looks like … Next, it’s important to consider what your design direction will be and … A good book designer will know the market. Since you know your book best, it makes sense for you to design your book’s cover. to get a good idea of what style of book cover your prospective readers are accustomed to seeing. Add color filters and modify the cover image to your liking. Make every word count. Of course, you won’t be able to create an in-depth portrait, but you can touch on the most important parts of your personal story, such as: *If you’ve written a nonfiction book, also explain why you’re qualified to write about this topic. When you’re self-publishing, every penny counts. If you’re worried you don’t have the design skills to take on the job, Placeit has your back. If you do, they’ll quickly get impatient as they’re reading your first chapter because they know too much about what will happen next. Once done, you are now ready to use the modern book cover. See a list of professional cover designers. Before you start designing your back cover, take a trip to your local bookstore and check out what else is on the market. The first step is a cover, and that’s an important one. Cover Creator uses the book details you enter during title setup and adds your book's ISBN to the barcode area of the back cover. Using a, No matter what type of book you’re working on, you can find a cover design that fits the genre perfectly. Let your book get all the attention it deserves. You’re trying to excite, intrigue, and interest the reader. Level 2 Seller. If we’re completely honest, people definitely judge books by their cover. If you are a novice or beginner with book designs and cover designing, Canva is one of the best options to create a quality design without breaking your budget. 5. Here’s a list of best practices to follow when writing the blurb for the back of your book. Plus, if you’re a complete design newbie, you’ll have to learn a lot of stuff from scratch, including how to use the design software. “Marketing my book was so much easier thanks to Placeit’s book cover maker!”Liz Pham 5/5. © 2021 NYBE. Feb 9, 2017 - Explore Melissa Brooks-Cuffee's board "Front & Back Book Covers" on Pinterest. We offer a 100% money-back guarantee within 60 days of payment on all Book Cover Design Contests, except those with a guaranteed prize and those that have entered the Final Round. A glowing review from your mom won’t hold as much weight as a empathetic must-read from a fellow, well-known author in your genre. You have—at best—150 to 200 words to work with, because that’s all that will attractively fit on the back cover of most volumes. How to Make a Book Cover. One of the most important elements you’ll oversee is your book cover design. Cancel anytime. Remember that you’re not writing a synopsis of your story (like you would in your query letter). For a nonfiction book, create a bullet point list of the book’s main features and consider including that list on the back cover. Spending weeks on designing the perfect cover and then printing out 1,500 copies of your book only to realize that you have a glaring typo on your back cover. Try various filters, adjust the color palette, and play around with the other options until your book cover is just right. High quality downloads start at only $2.99. You have to let the designer take the wheel and astonish you with the result. Everything about the book cover design must be very good, the illustration, the text insertion, the font, the message in the back cover, etc.This is the first and the last thing which your reader will see and he/she will decide if this book is worth purchasing or not. Once you know your message, think about how you can best convey it. Creating your own book or ebook cover design has never been easier. But it’s not just any description as you have approximately 200 words (depending on your font type) to grab the reader. However, with Canva's design templates at your disposal, you can easily come up with a beautiful book cover of your own without having to hire a designer. On your back cover, you have approximately 200 words to grab the reader. See, I’m a human just like you. Beyond just having an eye-catching book cover, you’ll also need promotional images of your book. An iconic book that has a lot of distinct cover design options. After you’ve spent days or weeks designing your back cover, it’s only natural that you’ll overlook simple errors. I will create book cover in my original style. 4.9 (638) Starting at $20. Sometimes, your idea and the designer's idea won't be parallel. is just right, hit the download button and use your new image to promote and advertise your newest book. See more ideas about cover, book cover design, book cover. From social media to video templates, find everything you need to promote your books! You wrote a whole book, so chances are you have a pretty clear idea of what you want your book cover to look like. You can also call us anytime to help you rewrite your brief, reopen your project to ensure you get a good result and help you pick a winning design. Before we delve into how to design a winning back cover, let’s look at the potential benefits and drawbacks of DIYing this project. It’s his or her job to study what’s out there and keep on top of trends. Easy to use, intuitive and LOTS of templates and images to work with.”. In the words of renowned typographer Jan Tschichold (1902–1974), book design, "though largely forgotten today, [relies upon] methods and rules upon which it is impossible to improve, [and which] have been developed over centuries. It’s one of the hardest parts of creating a back cover. It should also be an professional portrait, and not a selfie from your camera roll. https://medialoot.com/blog/book-cover-design-tutorial-and-free-templates Writers, here’s a list of essential tips to help you take care of yourself. Remember that you don’t have a lot of time to convince the prospective reader to buy your book. A great book cover design, at its most basic level, is something that will help readers take you and your book seriously. Customize your book cover design by typing in your book’s name, changing the background, choosing a color scheme, and selecting your fonts. Budget. Cons aside, designing a book cover can be rewarding because it increases your sense of ownership over your book. Thanks to Placeit’s user-friendly book cover templates, you can have your book cover done right away. For those of us who aren’t talented in graphic design, it’ll show on a poorly designed book cover. Create a short introductory question to grab the reader. Focus on your genre (romance, sci-fi, historical non-fiction, etc.) That means you will receive unlimited revisions until you’re happy with the cover. Upload an image or choose one of our copyright-free photos, and use it as the background of the book. This free book cover template includes a full front and back cover for a paperback or softcover, including an adjustable spine. Not only will it appear on the book itself, but you’ll probably use it as your Amazon description. How Fiverr Works. These beautifully premade and professional book cover templates enable you to make your own book cover design easier and faster for all kinds of occasions. Tagline How to Make a Book Cover Design? Before designing, you might have an ideal book design in mind. Cover Creator can also help you design a basic paperback cover that meets KDP's specifications. Best Selling. by typing in your book’s name, changing the background, choosing a color scheme, and selecting your fonts. Applicable taxes not included. Instead, you’re writing the literary equivalent of a movie trailer. Of course, you don’t want to grab just any old endorsement. Fotor’s book cover maker offers numerous and classified free book cover design templates from business books to eBook styles, etc. Choose a design direction. To get started click the "Create My Free Book Cover Now" button below. Book Cover Design Generator with an Illustration of a Vampiress in a Modern Street. Whether you want a short video featuring your book or you want some professional images of a reader engaged in your book, Placeit has the perfect mockups for it all! Be sure to include a photo of yourself on your back cover. If you’re a subject matter expert, include it here. The ISBN number is a small thing, but it’s important for distribution purposes. Bookcover for Franz Kafkas novella, The Metamorphosis (1st pub. If you don’t have the time or the money for photo shoots, Placeit’s book cover mockups can make this so much easier. Since our book covers are created by professional designers, you’ll get nothing short of professional results. Sort by. Subscribe to receive this extra resource. If you think you’ve written the next bestseller, your writing will only take you so far. Save your time for other tasks like promoting your book by creating your book cover in minutes. Do you really want to spend another long stretch of time in the design phase? With such a varied genre, it can be challenging to create the right book cover design for your new publication. The topics below include our top tips for avoiding common file rejections. Online retailers like Amazon do not distinguish between traditional and self-published books — which means independent authors are often competing against Big 5 publishers.If your book stands a chance at succeeding, its design … Download for free! You don’t want to reinvent the wheel with your back cover. You’re not trying to explain exactly what the story’s about. Use our free Cover Creator tool to design a cover for your eBook or paperback. I know you don’t like taking photos, but I also know that your prospective reader is curious and wants to know what you look like. Leave a lot of mystery. Whatever message you decide to feature, make sure every element from color and image to typeface and text supports it. In fact, the cover design determines the sale of a book eight times out of ten. Customize your book cover design by typing in your book’s name, changing the background, choosing a color scheme, and selecting your fonts. Book Cover Art Book Cover Design Book Art Book Design I Love Books Good Books Books To Read Book Writer Book Authors. Book Cover Design - Front and Back. All Rights Reserved. Start by browsing Placeit’s library of book cover design templates and choose one that suits your book’s genre. Launch a new page. Make book, print, gadget, and apparel mockups on the web's largest mockup library! Do it right in your browser! When you self-publish your book, you’ll need to think like a publisher. If you want a professional book cover design, you can achieve this yourself with a little help from Placeit. If you’re a perfectionist and have an eye for book cover design, the option to do it yourself is appealing and guarantees that you’ll get the results that you want. All of Placeit's templates are super easy and fast to customize. If you’re worried you don’t have the design skills to take on the job, Placeit has your back. Book Cover Design Template Featuring a Female Vampire with Modern Clothes. In many ways, the back cover is even more important than the front cover because it introduces your story to the reader. What exactly should be on the back of a book cover? Get it all done yourself with Placeit’s easy to use book cover maker. All of our templates are carefully created by expert designers, so you'll always get the best results. The back cover includes a quote, author’s biography, and an ISBN number. People do judge books by their cover. Then, ask a literary-minded friend or a trusted professional to proofread your back cover, too. In this guide, we’ll discuss how to come up with a back cover that sells your book fast. Because your cover will help sell your book, you may not want to chance it. It’s time consuming - You just dedicated months of your life to writing and re-writing a book. 1915). and choose one that suits your book’s genre. Each cover I design comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You’ll save money - Is there any bigger benefit than free? It could be a careless typo, such as the difference between “a” and “an” or “there” and “their,” but it could distract your prospective reader so much that they decide not to buy your book. Just select a template, edit the content and you’re done! My process is always hassle free and straight forward. Log in or sign up using Google or Facebook then search for “”Book Covers”” to start designing. What’s one of the best ways to compel a prospective reader is buy your book? If this is the case, why hire a designer when you can create a book cover yourself? Since you know your book best, it makes sense for you to design your book’s cover. Remember that this is the first impression the reader will have of your book. Create a book cover in MINUTES, with easy to use tools and a wide range of professionally designed templates. Use Placeit's design templates to make a writer brand easily. No matter the genre, you're sure to find a book cover template for you to finish up your work. Your subscription includes access to all Mockups, Designs, Logos & Videos templates. Because of this, designing an attractive cover is a must. It may sound far-fetched, but you don’t get what you don’t ask for. Are you writing a back cover blurb for a nonfiction book? to get a good idea of what style of book cover your prospective readers are accustomed to seeing. Contact us in Nashville, TN, to learn more about our back cover art solutions. To test out Canva’s design options, I made a cover for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Don’t squander this moment by going into a blow by blow of what happens in your book. The front cover has a book title, author’s name, tabline, imagery, etc. It should give the reader a similar experience so that they’re not repelled by your unfamiliar cover design. As a self-publisher, you’ll manage every element of your book, from securing a professional editor to marketing your book to the masses. Thanks to Placeit’s user-friendly. Log in, launch a new page in the Canva editor and search for the “EBook cover” design type. On the high end and with an in-demand designer, you’ll pay $1500 (or more). Simply follow the steps below: 1. Focus on introducing your protagonist and give a little insight into his or her back story. Score! Browse our book and ebook cover templates and choose the one you like, or choose a … Also on your back cover, you’ll include a description of your book. From inspiring self-help books to informational how-to's, from memoirs to cookbooks, nonfiction literature takes up many forms and styles of writing. Open Canva on your desktop or launch the app to get started. Before you invest money into printing your book, go over it several times. Some readers need that extra assurance that your book is worth the effort. Level 2 Seller. | Site by Series Eight, BEST PRACTICES FOR WRITING BACK COVER BLURBS. Whether you specialize in writing poetry or you’re releasing a recipe book, Placeit’s collection of. On the low end, you’ll pay $300 for a cover design. 2. Leave something for audiences to enjoy looking at with our book back cover design services. Delivery Time. I couldn't disagree more with that statement. You know what’s embarrassing? You don’t know the market - Insider knowledge is perhaps the most compelling reason to commission a professional designer. Next, follow up with approximately five bullet points to share the most important topics in your book. Need tips on how to begin a novel? Super simple to customize with your own sizing and design, this book cover template is the perfect canvas for creating your own print-ready layout. Your cover must be a single PDF that includes the back cover, spine, and front cover as one image. That’s money that you can use for other tasks, such as editing and book promotion. You have to come up with the perfect cover design, front and back. You don’t want to reinvent the wheel with your back cover. No pressure! The tool allows you to customize your cover with a variety of layouts and fonts. 1) The back cover should have some sort of design that mirrors the tone of the front cover without distracting from the content. Include an element of social proof on your back cover. Use three to five bullet points only (odd numbers are best, marketing research shows), and tell what the book will do for the reader or what the reader will learn from your book. Frigid. Narrow down your search by adding in keywords … What is the one feeling or idea you want to convey? Not only will this make your book more appealing, but it can also make promotion and advertising a bit easier and more effective. Use Flyers for Old-School Book Promotion Charm, Build Up Hype on Facebook With Facebook Posts, Promote on Facebook Like the Best Authors, Use Select Quotes to Help Your Book Go Viral, A Complete Guide on How To Self Publish a Book, 20 Book Marketing Tips and Tactics for Self Publishing. To provide a detailed design brief, you must be aware of what specifics make the front and back covers of your book. Your physical appearance doesn’t affect the story, but it does provide a sense of relatability for the reader. You’ll have complete control over the final product - Depending on your abilities, this is may be both a pro and a con. 800 services available. Part 1: How to WRITE the back of a book cover In general, the back cover design is composed of the following parts: Tagline; Blurb; Author bio; Testimonials; These are the four most common ingredients that the back of a book cover uses, and we’ll run you through each of them. Before you start designing your back cover, take a trip to your local bookstore and check out what else is on the market. If you want to set a romantic tone, perhaps the main design element should be an image with … Before We Begin… Before we delve into designing our paperback cover for War & Peace, here are a … To get your book noticed, design an attention-grabbing cover with Placeit’s book cover maker! Instead, give a vague idea of what your story is about. Here's how to do it: Would you like tips for producing your first audiobook? I provide custom book cover designs as well as marketing material for indie authors and self publishers. Explore Canva’s wide range of book cover designs for your self-publishing needs. Book Cover Design Creator for a Renaissance Novel with a Sword Clipart. If you don’t have a print version of your book and it’s only sold online, everything in this article about back book blurbs can be applied to your book description in online listings. I will do book cover design, book cover. All prices in USD. The back-cover copy also functions as the primary ad for your book.