yes it is illegal to keep a raccoon as a pet in California unless you have a license. There is a ban on ownership of exotic animals as of 2007. Trapping license is required and should be in immediate possession for the trapper to engage in animal trapping. Raccoons are not legal pets in California, though if you get a license as a wildlife rehabilitator you might keep an unreleasable one as an ambassador animal. The normal color of a raccoon can vary however the average color is gray-black to reddish brown or buff. Pets you can't legally own in California. Can You Own a Raccoon Dog? It may not even be legal for you to have a raccoon in your state. A captive animal was recorded living for 21 years. Laws in California for Keeping a Pet Raccoon. Did you know? Plus, animals taken into captivity often can't be released back in the wild if you decide you can't keep your pet because they become too reliant on and comfortable around humans. Wild animals do not make good pets. They are very agile climbers. They are wild and belong in the wild. Owning a pet raccoon is legal in some states but illegal in many other states. If you are still determined to have a pet raccoon, know what you … It is illegal to take care of a wild animal unless you are licensed to an Environmental Protection Organization. Search Pets All breeds. Search ... we have a good an lovely Racoon puppies for sale an they are so cute,they have been train.. Raccoon, California » San Francisco. However, if they are afraid or become angry, they can and will bite. The answer, sadly, is nothing. Anonymous. The raccoon weighs from 12-30 lbs., but in many urban areas where food is plentiful raccoons can … 1 / 18. Recommended by the California Department of Fish and Game, Rodent Guys euthanized their wild animals such as raccoons, skunks, opossums, and squirrels, by shooting on site. Hi! 0 1. They can become very attached to their owners and spend long periods of time snuggling. the best and every Racoon Puppies for sale and we sell them for the best prices,they are .. I have gotten many letters from heartbroken owners asking me what can be done to save their raccoon. Washington state law says you have to have a permit to hunt or trap them. $550. 1. Image 18 of 18. Raccoons have a black mask across the eyes, a bushy tail with anywhere from four to ten black rings. Racoon Puppies for Sale rogerbabis. If you’re a Californian looking to adopt a pet raccoon, you won’t be able to unless you file a prohibited animal permit with the California Department of Fish and Game. You can check it out at State Regulations. The life span of raccoons in the wild is estimated at three to five years. Sightings of raccoon dogs in the wild have prompted environmental groups to call for a ban on the species as pets in the UK. Raccoons can be remarkably affectionate. Thus, it's best to acquire a pet raccoon from a reputable breeder, and go to visit with the animal in person before you commit. 1 decade ago. There have also been accounts of abandoned baby raccoons or young raccoons being good pets, but adult raccoons becoming mean. Depending on the species, this can result in your illegal California pet being rehabilitated and released into the wild, sent to a care facility, or even being sold to a laboratory or euthanized. Raccoons live an average of 5 years in the wild. More 0 found this answer helpful helpful votes | 0 lawyers agree Lifespan/Longevity: Raccoons have been known to live a maximum of 16 years in the wild.