Humanitas University, also known as Hunimed Milan was established and legally recognized on the 20th of June 2014 by way of a decree approved by the Italian Minister of Education.. Humanitas University provides a six-year course in Medicine which is taught in English. The difference in competition levels between each universityis large, making it so that with the same IMAT score you can be sure to get in or not, just based on which medical school you have chosen. Via Rita Levi Montalcini, 4. . U-Multirank indicators. Humanitas University provides a six-year course in Medicine taught in English. The following university ranking is presented: Shanghai. It has about 300 students, and no results to speak of yet. indicator: a full-length ray stands for 'top group' performance, whereas a short ray means 'weak' These cookies enable core site functionality. this session. This information helps us to optimize +39 02 82243777. An possible to disable these cookies since our services do not work Die Humanitas University befindet sich in Rozzano, in der Metropolitanstadt Mailand in Italien. Professors and researchers with international experiences. Evolution of rankings for Humanitas University during the last years. PhD Programmes . The campus is based in the municipality of Rozzano, a part of the Metropolitan City of Milan, and is located within the Humanitas Research Hospital Campus. Tel. Humanitas University Via Rita Levi Montalcini 4